Let’s install qBittorrent on Docker

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Step 1: Install Docker & Portainer on OpenMediaVault

Before installing any plugins, you should check whether your OMV is up-to-date.

OMV: Update Management
omvextrasorg 6.0.8 plugin
Docker install
Portainer install
portainer login

Step 2: Setup a Docker container for qBittorrent on Portainer

Portainer — Landing page
Environment setup
Docker configuration
Create a stack
version: “2.1”services:
image: lscr.io/linuxserver/qbittorrent
container_name: qbittorrent
— 1111:8080
— PUID=1000
— PGID=100
— UMASK=002
— TZ=Europe/London
— /PATH/TO/qbittorrent/Downloads:/config
— /PATH/TO/qbittorrent/config:/downloads
restart: unless-stopped
cd ../..
cd srv/
cd dev-disk-by-uuid
cd qbittorrent/
mkdir Downloads
mkdir config
[services.d] starting services
[services.d] done.

Step 2.1: Resolving the unauthorized issue

Once the container is successfully deployed, you can go to 10.x.xx.xx:1111 and you will get a login page. You can log in using the default username and password.

username: admin password adminadmin
cd config/qBittorrent/vi qBittorrent.conf



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